Local Heat Podcast 001 - Woodlawn

The very first installment of the Local Heat podcast series is curated by our close friend from the east side of Atlanta -- @Woodlawn. Stay tuned for more episodes and new release information.
Lumi intro
Anomaly - Above Below (Soul People Music)
Modular One - Quasar (Sistrum Recordings)
Aybee - ATCG (Soul People Music)
Daniel Jacques - Emotion Devotion (Mistress Recordings)
Dakini9 - Daemon (Soul People Music)
Maurizio - M5 (Maurizio)
Alex Falk - BF (CGI Records)
Max Mulder - Outer Rim II (Wild Open Space)
Parallel 9 - Technique (Generations)
Blackhall & Bookless - Kevins Spacey (Jaunt Records)
Traumprinz - Intrinity (Traumprinz
Naoki Shinohara - 78 (Boards/Soul People Music)
Makam - Girls Night (Ostgut Ton)
Marcelus - Mutation (Deeply Rooted House)
Force/Emerge - Lumi (Counterchange)